This group has three purposes:  1)  Educate the world about the profession of hypnotism,  2)  promote the profession to those whose race or ethnic background is proportionately underrepresented in the profession and 3)  provide a forum to discuss ways to accomplish the above purposes.

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  •  CalBanyan: 
    Has any other trainers noticed that there seems to be a lot more students from outside of the USA taking our courses?

     1627 days ago 
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  •  CalBanyan: 
    Thanks! I love this stuff. Remember to check out my latest hypnosis training videos on
     3234 days ago 
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  •  gdeberry: 
    Thank you Cal! You have done so much to improve the public's perception of hypnosis. Your professionalism has elevated us all. Thank you!
     3318 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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