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  •  CalBanyan: 
    New video just posted in the forum - How to stop being the LONE hypnotist and start networking like a pro! Actually it is a promo video for this website. I just thought you might like to see it and maybe send it to a friend. Let's do GREAT things together, Cal
     112 days ago 
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  •  CalBanyan: 
    What's up!? Check out this new audio I did for everyone on Hypnotic Age Regression work! This program broke the record for attendance of an NGH teleseminar! Check it out because in the program I give you intructions on how to get some very cool hypnosis training for free!
     124 days ago 
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  •  CalBanyan: 
    Hello Hypnotists - We are back up and running. Have a look around and let me know if there are any bugs! BIG Thanks, Cal
     171 days ago 
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  •  CalBanyan: 
    NEW free hypnosis training video just posted on!

    Client says, “It’s not working anymore!” Hypnotist says, “That’s okay, I know exactly what to do…” NEW Free Hypnosis Training Video for you...

    Brenda and I are back with a new hypnosis video to let you in on something that is very, very important in this hypnosis training video on… How to work with clients whose success does not last, for example a weight loss client who is unable to keep the weight off.

    Have a look and leave a comment.

     1103 days ago 
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