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This is a test group to try things out.
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Dallas, United States
1240 days ago · From admin
Hello, hello. I am wanting to join the study group for Board Certification in February. Is there anyone who is taking the test at Solid Gold in February?
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United States
1342 days ago · From hypnotoken
This group is for anyone wanting to or already teaching community education classes and workshops on hypnosis and hypnosis related topics.  It was created to share resources and help each other share best practices.  Teaching these types of classes and workshops is a great way to help educate the …
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United States
1543 days ago · From ErikaFlint
This group is for the Banyan OnLine Supervised Meeting Bravehearts study group, aka Bravehearts - for serious 5-PATHers ® only.  Bravehearts meet twice a month to discuss the BOLSM training in-depth for deeper understanding of the BOLSM material.  What is BOLSM ?  BOLSM is 40 weeks worth of onlin…
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United States
1638 days ago · From ErikaFlint
The Hypnotists' Lounge a place for what's on your mind. Click JOIN and SUBSCRIBE buttons to join & receive group messages.  Use the FORUM button above to read posts.
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Worldwide, United States
1680 days ago · From mabanyan
Are you looking for some help on how to do something but you can quite figure it out? Dont worry, I can help. Just post a question and I will answer it for you.
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Tustin, United States
1681 days ago · From admin
NEW FREE HYPNOSIS VIDEO EACH WEEK!   Members to talk about different videos I publish each week on, request new topic and ask questions to be used on the show.   Enjoy!  Cal Easy Start Group Instructions  Click JOIN and SUBSCRIBE buttons on the Actions Menu on the right for membe…
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Tustin, California, United States
1682 days ago · From CalBanyan
Learn to hypnotize like a pro!  Members should also watch this video, "Free Video How To Hypnotize" Click JOIN and SUBSCRIBE buttons to join & receive group messages.  Use the FORUM button above to read posts.
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World Wide, United States
3203 days ago · From CalBanyan
This group has three purposes:  1)  Educate the world about the profession of hypnotism,  2)  promote the profession to those whose race or ethnic background is proportionately underrepresented in the profession and 3)  provide a forum to discuss ways to accomplish the above purposes. Easy Start Gr…
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Tustin, United States
3705 days ago · From CalBanyan
All group creators and leaders are highly encouraged to join this group.  Here we will talk about how to promote and manage your group.  Have fun!  Cal Easy Start Group Instructions  Click  and  buttons below for membership & to receive messages from the group.  Use the  button Above to join or…
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World Wide, United States
3756 days ago · From CalBanyan
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