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hi! just as a quick disclaimer i am 13 so... yeah. lately my grandpa has been in a lot of pain due to an out of place vertebrae that is pinching a nerve in his back. i know that you can help lessen pain temporarily through hypnosis, but so far i have only been able to put my brother in a trance! doe…
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United States
02.24.2016 · From dmsedd
This is a test group to try thing out with.
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Tustin, United States
02.01.2016 · From calbanyan
Hello, hello. I am wanting to join the study group for Board Certification in February. Is there anyone who is taking the test at Solid Gold in February?
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10.23.2015 · From hypnotoken
This group is posted here for those planning to test for the NGH Board Certification during the 2016 NGH convention.  Click JOIN and SUBSCRIBE buttons below to join and receive group messages.  Use the FORUM button above to read posts. This is a place where we can get one another.…
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Charlottesville, United States
09.06.2015 · From anthonymdavis
Group hypnotism is real and it's an amazing study of human social compliance and group dynamics. Stage hypnotists are like the hired gunslingers of our profession -- pros with an assertive cocksureness and expertise exhibited by everything they do. Competent hypnotherapists need not only great  tech…
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Ladera Ranch, United States
07.24.2015 · From Jim_M
Hello everyone from the land down under... Cal recently suggested we might like to add some groups. Great idea Cal. So, I thought a group devoted to those of us in Australia might be a worthwhile group. Even though we are on the other side of the world, in this technological day & age, it often …
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Cumbalum, Ballina Heights, Australia
06.03.2015 · From susmun
This group is for anyone wanting to or already teaching community education classes and workshops on hypnosis and hypnosis related topics.  It was created to share resources and help each other share best practices.  Teaching these types of classes and workshops is a great way to help educate the …
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04.05.2015 · From ErikaFlint
Un espacio para compartir ideas, casos, preguntas y comentarios sobre la aplicación de Hipnosis e Hipnoterapia 5-PATH y 7th Path en español.  
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Guatemala, Guatemala
03.18.2015 · From luis80lopez
Professional hypnosis shows will give you the ability to see hypnosis in a totally different prospective, you can have a poor Hypnosis entertainer just as well as a Hypnotherapist. This is a skill you can do great things with, you may touch and change many peoples perspective on hypnosis and how it …
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north branch, United States
02.05.2015 · From Mikenosis
This group is here to discuss Forensic Hypnosis.  If you don't do forensic hypnosis work...that's okay.  If you're just curious...that's okay. If you do forensic hypnosis work...great! That brings more brain power to the group. So...let's engage. Let's talk.
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02.03.2015 · From anthonymdavis
This group is for people who are 7th Path Self-Hypnosis practitioners.  Our only rule is that you do not post the actual wording of any of the Recognitions here.  Refer to each recognition by name such as "The First Recognition" or "Delta 1".  We look forward to supporting everyone who is doing 7th …
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01.26.2015 · From calbanyan
Are you ready to take your practice to the next level by getting your Board Certification?  The next NGH Board Certification Exams will be at the convention in August, 2015.  This group is designed as a support and accountability system for those of us preparing for the exams!
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01.05.2015 · From brendajtitus
This group is for the Banyan OnLine Supervised Meeting Bravehearts study group, aka Bravehearts - for serious 5-PATHers ® only.  Bravehearts meet twice a month to discuss the BOLSM training in-depth for deeper understanding of the BOLSM material.  What is BOLSM ?  BOLSM is 40 weeks worth of onlin…
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12.31.2014 · From ErikaFlint