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I hope everyone enjoys this version of Let me know if you need help with something.
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I just love everything involved in the hypnosis profession and learning to walk one's true Path. My job on this site is to help to…
Making the World Better, one Life at a Time
New Hypnosis Professional.
Learning a lot every day
First hypnosis performed at 7 years old. (Stage) did street hypnosis on and off for fun for years. Got serious in 2001 and started…
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Take time to smell the roses
Running my own business for 10 years, passionate, focussed and innovative.  
Everyday leave the world better than you found it.
w web site
I am a recent graduate from Hypnotherapy school and now I feel like I am out here alone.  Looking for additional education, market…
Hypnotist for Life
CPHI from Denmark. Hypnotherapist for Life
New 5 Pather
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join, grow, learn, and practice this amazing profession! 
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