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Mike always knew he wanted to be a Hypnotherapist, even before he realised that he could have a career that helped people overcome their difficulties. He just had an awareness of people struggling with life and every day activities and he felt genuine compassion for those people. However, just feeling compassion was not enough for him and he always felt compelled to help people whenever he could.


As a teenager Mike became aware that his friends would always come to him with any problems and they used to comment that they always felt better talking to him. He didn’t judge or criticise, and his cool and common sense approach to any situation always gave reassurance. He was always honest and had a way of looking at a situation from many different angles that helped his friends see a way forward.

As time progressed and his friends and associates’ lives and problems became more complicated, Mike recognised that his natural talent of helping people could be used to greater effect, so he enrolled on a number of therapy and counselling- based training courses. His aim initially was to just gain a greater understanding of people and also to help him grow as a person, but it soon became clear that he wanted to put his skills and training to greater use.


Initially, Mike worked very successfully in the commercial world on a voluntary basis as a hypnotherapist. The death of his mother after a long illness proved to be turning point in his life, and they played a key role in her making the life-changing decision to commit to full-time therapy work.


Mike reskilled in the latest techniques including NLP and Hypnotherapy because he knew that these methods brought quick and lasting results. His desire was for people to achieve their goals in the shortest possible timeframe. He knew that, once a person is committed to change, it could happen quickly with the right support.


Mike has achieved success with people in all walks of life and is a natural people person. He has an amazing sense of humour and his sessions are more like training and coaching sessions than counselling sessions. His enthusiasm for life is contagious, and it’s evident that he has achieved many of his own goals by employing the same techniques he uses with his clients.


Building confidence, overcoming obstacles, giving up addictions and relationship issues are Mike’s core skills. He can help you overcome your fears and achieve your ambitions.

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