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My name is Brian McCartney, Certified Hypnotist.

I began my studies of hypnotherapy at a young age, as I had learned from my father, who was also a practicing hypnotherapist that learned from both his uncle who taught him, as well as from a course he took later in life at the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy.

I began practicing around 2015 and have continued my education at The Evergreen State College, focusing on psychology. I followed up my basic hypnotherapy training and psychology training at one of the finest hypnotherapy schools in the nation offering an advanced program called 5-PATH®, taught by one of the countries finest hypnotherapy trainers, Erika Flint, at Cascade Hypnosis Center For Training & Services in Bellingham, WA.

I am a Registered and Certified Hypnotist, a certified 5-PATH® hypnotherapist, a certified 7th Path® Self-hypnosis Teacher, and am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. I use hypnosis to help uncover the subconscious reasons and underlying causes and conditions behind people's symptoms, behaviors, or habits. I then utilize special tools and techniques to help release them and learn a new positive way of thinking, subconsciously moving a person towards empowerment and wellness. This is my method of hypnotherapy.

Aside from being a hypnotherapist, I am a Navy veteran, former engineer, and a loving father of two adorable children and am a family man running my practice with my lovely fiance as a family business.


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