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Recently retired psychiatric nurse, certified by NGH in 199, never used hypnosis professionally. Want to take Cal's training in Texas in October 2017, then offer hypnosis to veterans pro bono. 

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Just want to introduce myself to the group. Bob Chula, newly certified 5-Pather (13 Oct 2017). Brand new to performing hypnosis work, but finally started after initial NGH certification in 1989. It's good to be here. I plan to focus on Veterans as clientelle, though I'm open to whomever Delta brings me. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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I thought about that when I first started 7-Path. Initially, I thought about the body. Every cell/tissue/organ/system in your body is constantly being replaced. As old cells die and are recycled, new cells are created to replace them. From the cells in your hair to the alveoli in your lungs, constantly replaced. The longer you live, the more you experiences and the more you learn, the more skills you have the ability to apply. This to me is a mental growth, a renewal and increase of capacity. The more you experience life, the more you learn about your emotions. For example, through AR we learn our initial emotional responses at times were based on erroneous assumptions, misinterpretations, misperceptions. As we learn the truth, our emotions change. Yes, I am very impressed with the choice, "renews" as it applies to the physical, the mental and the emotional realms of our existence.
This group is for people who are 7th Path Self-Hypnosis practitioners.  Our only rule is that you do not post the actual wording of any of the Recognitions here.  Refer to each recognition by name such as "The First Recognition" or "Delta 1".  We look forward to supporting everyone who is doing 7th …
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I returned from Cals two week 5Path/7Path course all motivated. My major thrust will be to provide hypnosis services to area veterans. I not only want to help them, but I'm pretty sure I can lead some of them to take Cal's training and become hypnotists themselves. That's what I would like to do. I've never belonged to a group like this, so if I error, be kind.
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