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All Members Are Welcome - Just Request Membership Attract more clients! Here you can share marketing tips and learn from your colleagues how to promote your hypnosis business and how to attract more clients.  Enjoy & tell your hypno-friends. Click JOIN button to apply for membership. Cl…
58 fans
Vejle, Denmark
2089 days ago · From Cal Banyan
This group has three purposes: 1.  To educate people around the world about the profession of hypnotism, resulting in more qualified individuals coming into the profession. 2.  Promote the profession to those whose race or ethnic background is proportionately underrepresented in the profession. 3…
51 fans
Tustin, United States
2034 days ago · From Cal Banyan
5-PATH World Wide Support & Discussion Group Welcome to our 5-PATH® support and discussion group.  This group is open to everyone who is interested in learning  more about the 5-PATH® hypnosis and hypnotherapy system. Rules: Be nice & professional. No HypnoWimps™. Aspire to be a Hypno…
47 fans
Tustin, CA, United States
2096 days ago · From Cal Banyan
You have probably all seen my show on www.CalBanyan.com.  It is a show for hypnosis professionals where I answer questions, and discuss topics of interest to you. The purpose of this group is to have a place where you can post questions that you would like to have Meredith and me consider for the s…
43 fans
Tustin, CA, United States
2089 days ago · From Cal Banyan
LEARN HYPNOTIC INDUCTIONS! This group is for hypnotists who want to learn new hypnotic inductions.  We will focus mainly on faster inductions.  We will also use this group to support those who have viewed the How to Hypnotize video on www.Hypnosis.ORG. In addition to that free hypnosis video membe…
26 fans
World Wide, United States
1533 days ago · From Cal Banyan
The Hypnotists' Lounge is your place to just sit back and be social.   Why a hypnotists' lounge?  Because most of us don't have other hypnotists to talk to and socialize with.  Not everyone can understand what it is like to have or build a hypnosis practice. Our goal then is to have some fun, be s…
8 fans
Worldwide, United States
9 days ago · From Cal Banyan
Every week I publish a new free hypnosis training video on www.CalBanyan.com.   This is the place for our members to talk about different videos, request new topic and ask questions to be used on the show.   Enjoy! Cal Click JOIN button to apply for membership. Click the SUBSCRIBE button to…
4 fans
Tustin, California, United States
11 days ago · From Cal Banyan
Are you looking for some help on how to do something but you can quite figure it out? Dont worry, I can help. Just post a question and I will answer it for you.
2 fans
Tustin, United States
11 days ago · From Marianne Buchanan
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